Green Glass Weed Storage Wholesale & Private Labeling

Green Glass Private Labeling is perfect for customers that have a large clientele base and an established brand. We help you customize our different size jars with the color and imprint desired, including the top design within specific size boundaries. We offer multi color printing and custom color spraying. 

Starting at quantities of 1,500 for black jars and 5,000 for custom colors; we help you every step of the way in creating high-end, functional pieces of art for your customers to enjoy while protecting their stash. 

You can even choose between bulk, create individual packages for your product, or putting it all together with a 3 pack kit. As an additional available option, a Boveda humidity pack can be included in all jars before leaving our manufacturing facility. 

Please create an account on our wholesale page or email us at support@greenglassjars


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Green Glass is proud to offer wholesale green glass to select dispensaries across the nation. We have a limited amount of authorized distributors available. 

Green Glass wholesale is currently available in the black single pack and the Stage 1 Starter Kit. Please fill out our wholesale membership request by following the link below. 


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