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Green Glass Jars Stage 1 Collectors Edition, Weed Storage + CBD Stash Jar

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$ 49.99
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$ 34.99

Weed storage & cannabis stash jar

Are you tired of dried out weed? Did you know that storing your bud in a plastic baggy is degrading the quality over time? Cannabis is affected by light, temperature and humidity, and if not stored properly the quality of the marijuana purchased will be drastically different from what is labeled on the packaging (assuming you even know what you are consuming).

Green Glass is dedicated to keeping your stash fresh. Our collectors edition comes with an officially licensed product card with a limited edition lot number. Each previous lot becoming more rare than the current. 


Each jar also comes with a 62% 1 gram humidity pouch to guarantee your cannabis always stays at the peak of freshness.

Plastic bags and pill bottles are a thing of the past. Join the future and get your Green Glass Collectors Edition Stage 1 Weed Storage Stash jar. 

Green Glass Stage 1 Stash Jars hold between 1/8 and 1/4 ounce of dry cannabis and 2 - 3 times that ground weed.