Weed Storage - Does it really matter?

Are you tired of dried out weed? Are you still storing your expensive cannabis in plastic bags? Did you know that cannabis degrades overtime, essentially changing the quality and effects of the plant, specifically when improperly stored?

Cannabis is perishable, the quality will get worse over time after the plant has been harvested. You spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on the best weed money can buy, but what do you do with the top shelf marijuana after you have it? You store it in a container that protects from light, temperature and humidity. 

UV Light

High exposure to UV light and oxygen quickly causes the fastest rate of degradation. UV Rays break down the organic molecules at a rapid rate. This process can be slowed by limiting the UV light exposure from reaching the weed flowers. 



Temperature can affect cannabis degradation in many ways. Too high of temperature, exceeding 70F, can cause bacterial and mold growth, not ideal for smoking! Too low of temperatures can risk high levels of humidity, breaking down trichomes from moisture levels. 


Once the plant has been harvested, marijuana goes through a curing process which involves removing moisture from the plant. If this process is not completed correctly, you often are left with a harshly smoked plant. 

Post curing, you want to keep your cannabis between 59-63% humidity level to keep optimal levels of cannabinoid profile sustained and balanced. 

Any of these factors can result in a degraded quality of cannabis plant medicine, resulting in a less than optimal experience, which can include anxiety and paranoia. 

Proper storage and following the CBD : THC balanced ratio formula will lead to ideal cannabis experiences. 

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