Benefits of Green Glass Jar Packaging

Glass Jar Benefits

Green Glass Marijuana storage containers & stash jars

Many places that dispense marijuana medically and legally do so in plastic bags and containers. While this is okay for transportation, it's important to transfer the herbs to air-tight glass jars in order to preserve and improve the quality of the buds over time. 

Glass Jar Packaging Facts:

  • Glass jars are 100% recyclable without loss in quality or purity. Green Glass uses organic sprays and paints as to not decrease the recyclability of the glass.
  • 80% of recovered glass is turned into new glass product.
  • Glass jars are nonporous and impermeable, this prevents absorption of chemicals from the packaging product contents (BPA's in plastics).
  • Glass jars have a nearly zero rating of chemical interactions - ensuring the subjective qualities remain consistent within the glass packaging.

Green Glass Jars ensure that the product stored within our containers stay fresh and free from any chemicals that could be stored within plastic products. 

"Glass is the only true “cradle-to-cradle” or endlessly recyclable package. Once glass is sorted, it remains the most easily processed and most readily recycled container. Even when recycled again and again, the quality, purity and clarity of glass does not deteriorate. A bottle can go from a curbside recycling box, through the recycling stream and re-made into a new bottle and on a store shelf in as little as 30 days. It is possible to have new bottles made of 100 percent recycled glass or cullet. The main factor preventing glass manufacturers from producing 100 percent recycled containers is the quality and availability of cullet."

Our sleek black jar not only keeps your stash fresh but it prevents damaging UV rays from entering the container. 

Keep your stash fresh with Green Glass! 

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