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Who We Are

Green Glass is the leading supplier of cannabis glass and packaging. Our goal is to provide the best in weed storage, while developing beautiful packaging that will blend right in with current lifestyles, creating a seamless entry of cannabis products into every day life. 

What is Green Glass?

Green Glass is concept that was born out of a combination of opportunity and passion. We have created products that we as consumers not only want and need, but feel great being connected by within the unique community. 

Green Glass provides UV protected, organically sprayed and screen printed cannabis stash jars to protect and improve your cannabis over time. Properly stored cannabis will maintain and improve the buds over time. Gone are the days of storing your herbs in a plastic baggy.

Why Green Glass?
Green Glass is a company provided on supplying dope, unique, innovative cannabis products that also encourage their users to "Live IT", live life to the fullest, enjoying every moment. 

Green Glass is taking the current state of the industry and transforming it into a sophisticated, luxury life style. Gone are the days of lazy stoners and hippies. Today, we are painting the picture of the successful working american who can enjoy cannabis, relax and live it.
Most importantly, cannabis is medicine. Cannabis has been shown to not only slow cancer and tumor growth, cannabis has cured cancer as well.  Marijuana is not dangerous, it is medicine. After the discovery of the endocannobinoid system (ECS) in 1980, we are beginning to realize that our bodies naturally make cannabinoids, which are, strangely enough, also found in the cannabis plant. 
Live It - Green Glass 


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