Here at Green Glass its our mission to provide you with the very best in cannabis containers. Our glass stash jars will protect your herb from the elements while also offering unique and convenient storage. Our contemporary designs are guaranteed to make a lasting impression and fit everyone's lifestyle  


Green Glass believes in pushing the boundaries to be your greatest self while breaking stereotypes. For too long cannabis has been portrayed in a negative light, unfairly attached to societal cliches. We say to you and the rest of the world "Be bold, be courageous, LIVE IT!" Go out and live life to the fullest and be your greatest self.


Every year more and more states and countries are creating and adopting new legislation to legalize the use of cannabis. The roots of this beautiful, CBD laden plant are spreading through every industry; from pharmaceutical to nutrition and material engineering to textiles. Join us in our mission to destigmatize cannabis and provide you with the very best in cannabis glass stash jars and packaging.